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ARD3M Intelligent motor Protector

The AC220V power module supports the power range of AC85-265V/DC100-300V and the AC380V power module supports the power range of AC/DC100-415V. 

10 channels programmable DI input, the default use of DC24V power supply

6 channels programmable DO output

2 MODBUS_RTU communication channels are standard

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The ARD3M intelligent motor protector (hereinafter referred to as the protector) is suitable for low-voltage motor circuits with rated voltage up to 660V and integrates protection, measurement,control, communication, operation and maintenance.Its perfect protection function ensures the safe operation of the motor, with logic programmable function, can meet a variety of control methods.Different communication modules can be selected to meet the needs of field communication.

Product Features 

 The auxiliary power type is optional. The AC220V power module supports the power range of AC85-265V/DC100-300V and the AC380V power module supports the power range of AC/DC100-415V. 

 Support fundamental and full-wave power parameter measurement (U, I, P, Q, S, PF, F, EP,EQ), voltage and current imbalance degree, voltage and current positive sequence, negative sequence, zero sequence component, three-phase voltage phase angle, residual current, voltage and current 2-63 sub-harmonic measurement, sub-harmonic inclusion rate and total harmonic distortion rate. 

 Protection functions include overload inverse time, overload definite time, grounding, starting a timeout, leakage, under load, locked-rotor, obstruction, short circuit, phase, overflow, imbalance(current, voltage, power, less power, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase sequence, temperature, time,external fault, tE starting number, running time, alarm, fault alarm. 

 10 channels programmable DI input, the default use of DC24V power supply, or external active wet contact can be selected (see the selection table). 

 6 channels programmable DO output, to meet the direct starting, Y- △ starting,auto-transformer starting, and other starting modes, can be through the communication bus to achieve the master station to the motor remote control "start/stop". 

 Optional anti-shaking function: support immediate restart of shaking power and restart of voltage loss. 

 2 MODBUS_RTU communication channels are standard, and PROFIBUS DPV1, Ethernet and Profinet communication modules are available for selection. 

 Optional 2 channels DC4-20mA analog output interface, connected with DCS system, can realize the monitoring of field equipment. 

 With fault record, start record, stop record, DI displacement record, restart record and other 

records of various events, you can view a number of motor operation and maintenance 

information, and can record the motor operation record for 1-5 hours at the same time. 

 The display interface supports Chinese/English liquid crystal display 

 It supports exporting waveform record and event record data on usb flash disk, and can open exporting event record file with EXCEL。

 WIFI function can be added when color LCD is optional, and relevant data of motor protector can be viewed and set by connecting the WIFI via mobile phone or computer.

Technical parameters

Technical parametersTechnical indicators

Protector auxiliary 

power supply

Support two power modules, AC 220V power module (AC85-265V/DC100-300V) default, AC 380V power module (AC/DC 100-415V) optional
Rated working voltage of the motorAC220V / 380V / 660V,50Hz / 60Hz
Rated operating 

current of the motor

1 (0.1A-5000A)External current transformer
5 (0.1A-5000A)
Relay output contact capacityImpedance loadAC250V、10A
Switching input10 channels of passive dry contact (active DC110V, DC220V, AC220V 

input can be optional) 

CommunicationStandard supplied2channel MODBUS RTU communication
Optional(only one can be selected)1-2 channel PROFIBUS DPV1communication、

1channel PROFINET communication、

Ethernet communication(MODBUS TCP 


EnvironmentWorking temperature -10ºC~55ºC 

Storage temperature -25ºC~70ºC 

Relative humidity ≤95﹪No condensation, no corrosive gas 

Altitude ≤2000m 

Pollution levelsClass 3
Protection gradeMain body IP20, split display module IP54 (installed on the cabinet panel)
Installation categoryLevel III

Size and Wiring



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