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Acrel AM2SE Microcomputer Protection Relay

Application: substations, industrial ,mining enterprises, hospitals, schools,

commercial plazas ,large buildings ,other distribution network power systems.

Advanced, mature and reliable protection principles and algorithms,

Strong anti-interference performance,

High reliability,

Protection is implemented in a flexible way

The device has 8 switching channels and 5 relay outputs.

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    AM2SE series microcomputer protection device integrates protection and control, which can meet the customer's requirements for the safe operation and reliability of power energy for the power consumption system of 20KV and below. At present, it is widely used in substations, industrial and mining enterprises, hospitals, schools, commercial plazas and large buildings and other distribution network power systems.

    The protection device adopts advanced and mature and reliable protection principles and algorithms, with strong anti-interference performance, high reliability, flexible protection implementation mode, and redundant design for communication. The device has 8 switching channels and 5 relay outputs, which can cooperate with Acrel-2000Z power monitoring software to realize the unmanned end-user substation distribution automation system.


Mature and perfect protection functions:

The protection relay can be flexibly configured with different protection functions for different primary equipment, and can realize the protection and control function of substation with voltage level below 20kV, and is suitable for the protection and automatic control function of line, bus connection, distribution transformer and other equipment.

High-performance hardware and software platforms:

AM2SE series protection relays adopt high-performance hardware platform, all industrial-grade components, professional EMC design, with perfect online self-test test procedures, high-performance processors as protection CPUs, and large-capacity RAM and Flash, so that this product has strong data processing, logical operation and information storage capabilities.


The device adopts full Chinese liquid crystal display, the man-machine interface is clear and easy to understand, the flexible and comfortable button design, the menu operation is simple and convenient, and the computer interface debugging and analysis software is equipped with simple and convenient debugging and maintenance.

Abundant interface resources:

4 AC current, 3 AC voltage channels, 8 switching input channels (AC and DC dual-use), 5 switching output channels, 1 RS485 communication interface.

Flexible and convenient wiring:

The 3 AC voltage inputs of the device can be connected to phase voltage, or wiring voltage, zero sequence voltage or unbalanced voltage, which is suitable for various PT wiring methods. The protection current can be connected to a three-phase current, and the other two AC current channels can be connected to a zero-sequence current, an unbalanced current, or a line current.


Real-time recording of AC volume, incoming volume, opening volume and the status of all protection modules;

Record the action behavior, operation time and recording data of each component inside the protection.

Switching input customization:

Users can customize the switching input according to their needs, which can meet the needs of users to the greatest extent, and is flexible and convenient.

High Reliability Design:

Through 6 electromagnetic compatibility testing certifications, the electrical fast transient pulse group, electrostatic discharge, surge anti-interference performance, etc. have reached the IV standard.


Two communication protocols are built-in: Modbus-RTU and IEC 60870-5-103, which can be selected via menu settings. It can realize remote value modification and switching, event recording and recording data upload, remote control throwback of pressure plate, remote signaling, and remote control tripping and closing.

Functional comparison table

Note: The horizontal and vertical versions are functionally identical.

Current Acquisition4
Voltage Acquisition3
Switching Notes: The horizontal and vertical versions are functionally identical.8
Relay output5
Protection featuresOvercurrent (3-stage, inverse time limit)
I0 Zero-Sequence Overcurrent (3-Stage, Inverse Time Limit)
I0 accelerates the overcurrent after zero sequence
Negative sequence overcurrent (two-stage, inverse time limit)
Overload protection
Low-frequency load shedding
After accelerating the overcurrent
Overvoltage tripping/alarm
Low voltage tripping/alarm
Zero sequence overvoltage trip (self-produced/external)
FC latching
Lock-out of the service status
Second harmonic latching
Control fault alarms
Non-battery tripping/alarm
Zero sequence overvoltage alarm (self-produced/external)
PT disconnection alarm
Communication protocolModBus-RTU
Auxiliary FunctionsFault recording

Rated parameters

1.1 Working power supply

Rated voltage: AC/DC 220V, AC/DC 110V, DC 48V, DC 24V

Range: Rated voltage× (1±20%)

Power consumption: ≤10W (DC)

1.2 Input excitation voltage

Quota: AC 100V or 100/V

Measuring range: 1~120V

Accuracy: ±0.5%

Power loss: The power loss of each phase is not more than 0.5VA

Overload capacity: 1.2 times the rated voltage, continuous work;

           2x thermal overload, allow 10s.

1.3 Input excitation current (protection current)

   Quota: AC 5A or 1A

Measuring range: 0.04In~15In

Power loss: The power loss of each phase is not more than 0.5VA

Overload capacity: 2 times the rated current, continuous work;

 40 times the rated current, allowable for 1s.

1.4 Frequency

    Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

    Frequency range: 45~55Hz or 60Hz

    Accuracy: ±0.1Hz

1.5 Switching input

 Rated voltage: AC/DC 220V, AC/DC 110V, DC 48V, DC24V

Voltage range: × rated voltage (1±20%)

Power consumption: ≤1W per channel (DC220V)

1.6 Switching output

Mechanical life: ≥ 10,000 times

Turn-on capacity: ≥1000W, L/R = 40ms

On-current: continuous ≥5A, short-time (200ms) ≥30A

Disconnect capacity: ≥30W, L/R = 40ms

LCD Display



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