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National Petrochemical Enterprise Electrical and Meter Technology Exchange Conference

Time : 2023-04-26 Hits : 19

  Spring March,the grass sprout out of the earth.Acrel attended the National Petrochemical Enterprise Electrical and Meter Technology Exchange Conference held in Ningbo.The conference focused on the issues of concern to petrochemical enterprises and design units for exchange and discussion,exploring intelligent solutions and successful application cases in the petrochemical industry.The exchange of views and collision of ideas on site has sparked a lively response,bringing a feast of intelligent thoughts.

   End users of systems such as CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, National Pipeline Network, CHEMCHINA, China National Chemical Corporation, YCPC, CSEC, CTD, as well as professionals from design institutes, attended the conference.



   Acrel was intended to participate in the conference.In response to the concerns of petrochemical enterprises and design units regarding safety production, digital operation, intelligent operation and maintenance management, Acrel brought EMS enterprise micro-grid energy efficiency management platform, substation comprehensive automation system, intelligent power monitoring system, power quality analysis and governance system, building energy consumption monitoring and management system, power management system, enterprise energy management system, Prepaid water and electricity integrated monitoring system, electrical fire monitoring system, fire equipment power monitoring system, fire door monitoring system, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication, intelligent lighting control system, fault arc detector, electrical fire current limiter protector, industrial insulation monitoring device and intelligent motor protection device appeared in the exhibition area. Face to face communication with experts to show the application scenarios and practical cases of electrical solutions in industries such as petrochemicals.



   Through this annual conference exchange, Acrel fully showed the company's products, highlighting the company's technological advantages and current achievements. Received the attention and affirmation of the guests present, and further enhanced the brand influence of Acrel brand.