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Acrel sincerely invites you to participate in the June 2024 Kuala Lumpur Power Energy Exhibition in Malaysia

Time : 2024-06-11 Hits : 4

Acrel hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at ENERtec ASIA 2024 in Malaysia. This 3-day event will be a transformative experience, combining inspiring conferences 

with engaging exhibitions, all under the theme Fostering the Energy Transition in Cities and Industries. The exhibition will focus on areas such as photovoltaics, solar power plants, solar thermal technology, 

grid infrastructure, and integrated solutions for renewable energy.


Acrel, established in 2003 and listed on GEM in 2012, is a high-tech enterprise with a complete production chain from cloud platform to end components. With our EMS 2.0 & EMS 3.0, we aim to provide 

energy efficiency management solutions for enterprise energy management. EMS2.0 integrates software and hardware, meeting the needs of enterprises for reliable, safe, economical and efficient 

electricity consumption. EMS3.0 is to schedule the coordinated and orderly operation of "source, grid, load, storage and charging", helping to achieve the goals of low-carbon and green energy consumption.

It's a pleasure to meet you at the exhibition, and we look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with your company in the future.

Warm welcome to you!