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AGF-MXX Series Monitors Solar PV Panels For PV Combiner Boxes

  • Application: Photovoltaic combiner box

  • Voltage measurement range: DC 1500V

  • Hall sensor, isolated measurement of a maximum current of 20A

  • Real-time measurement of the temperature in the combiner chamber

  • RS485 communication function

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  The AGF-MXX perforated PV combiner is specially used in the smart PV combiner box for monitoring light.

  The operating status of the battery board in the battery array, the current measurement of the string, the state acquisition of the lightning protection device in the combiner box, and the DC circuit break

The device has an RS485 interface to transfer the measured and collected data to the device status Transmit.



  •  The primary current is connected by perforation, which is easy to install and has high safety

  •  The measuring cell uses a Hall sensor and measures the maximum current of 20A in isolation

  •  The voltage measurement function measures the bus voltage up to DC 1500V

  •  With digital tube display, it is suitable for wide temperature, outdoor environment query and debugging operation

  •  It has an internal temperature measurement function to measure the temperature in the combiner box in real time

  •  RS485 communication interface is standard

  •  A variety of power supply methods are available

  •  It is compatible with rail mounting and bottom plate fixed installation, and the size is small and saves box space

  •  The DC bus voltage input circuit is protected by a built-in DC 1kV fuse

  • The photovoltaic cell string open circuit alarm can be combined with the string voltage for comprehensive judgment

  • With 3 switching status monitoring, it is used to collect the output air contact status of DC circuit breaker, lightning protector, etc

  • RS485 interface, Modbus RTU communication protocol, communication address, baud rate, and data mode can be set freely

  • It can be equipped with Chinese LCD display module, which is convenient for parameter setting and data query

Input channels4 loops 8 loops12 loops16 loops20 loops24 loops
Rated currentDC 0~20A
Reaction time1s
Measurement accuracyclass 0.5
Temperature coefficient400ppm
RS485 communicationRS485/ModBus-RTU protocol, 4800/9600/19200/38400bps additional functions
Switching inputs3 inputs (optocoupler or dry contact)
Temperature/humidityOperating temperature: -35~+65°C, humidity 95%, no condensation, no corrosive gas place
Display module working temperature-20~+70°C




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