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New Arrivals APM5XX Series 4G WIFI CE Ct Energy Meter

  • Panel ct meter

  • APM510 Panel size 75*75mm

  • APM520 Panel size 96*96mm

  • Meter with open type CT:

  • D10:5A/1.25mA

  • D16:100A/20mA

  • D24:400A/100mA

  • D36:600A/100mA

  • Communication:4G,WIFI,CE(Ethernet),NB

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APM5XX series network power meter (hereinafter referred to as the instrument) is designed according to IEC international standards, with full power measurement, power statistics, power quality analysis (including harmonics, interharmonics, flicker), fault recording functions (including voltage swelling and sag interruptions, inrush current and other records), event recording functions and network communication functions, mainly used for comprehensive monitoring of power supply quality of power grid. This series of instruments is equipped with a rich DI/DO module, AO module, wireless communication module, and leakage temperature measurement module, which can flexibly realize the full power measurement of the electrical circuit and the monitoring of the switching status.

Function and Parameters

apm520 digital meter (5)

Measurement Parameters: Full power measurement

Four-quadrant electric energy, split-phase electric energy, apparent electric energy, and complex rate electric energy

Pulse output Total active and total reactive energy pulse output (72 only active energy pulses)

Demand: Three-phase current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, real-time demand and maximum demand (including timestamp)

Extreme value statistics: Extreme values of the current month, line voltage, phase voltage, active power, reactive power, and other electrical parameters (including timestamps)

Power quality

Current, line voltage, phase voltage imbalance

Voltage phase-to-phase angle, current phase-to-phase angle

Total (odd and even) harmonic content of voltage and current

Voltage and current sub-harmonic (2-63 order) content

Interharmonic (included with optional S)

Flicker (included with optional S)

Voltage crest factor

Telephone waveform factor

Current K coefficient

Vector illustration

Real-time waveforms of voltage and current

Fundamental voltage, fundamental current

Fault recording, voltage swelling, sag interruption, inrush current, etc. (included with optional S)

Event Recording DIDO records, which can record the last 128 DIDO records

Alarm Records The last 128 alarm records can be recorded

Communication: Modbus - RTU protocol, DL/T 645-2007 protocol

Switching quantity

72 shape: 2 switch input + 2 switch output;

96 shape: 4 switching input + 2 switching output


Display mode: dot matrix LCD; Switch between Chinese and English

Resolution: 128*128 (510:47*39, 520:62*58)

Backlit: White LED

Frequency: 45~65Hz;Overload: 1.2 times rated (continuous), 2 times rated for 1 second;

Visual area 72 Profile: 38mm*46mm (1.78" / 2.3");

96 Profile: 56mm*60mm (2.46 inches / 3.2 inches);

Signal network three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, see wiring diagram for details;

Voltage rating: AC 3*57.7/100V, AC 3*63.5/110V, AC 3*230/400V, AC 3*400/690V (96 shape only);
Overload: 1.2 times rated (continuous), 10 times rated for 1 second;

Power consumption: < 0.5VA (per channel);

Measurement accuracy Voltage, current IEC 61557-12 0.2%

Voltage harmonics, current harmonics IEC 61557-12 1%Frequency IEC 61557-12 ±0.02Hz
Power consumption: < 0.5VA (per channel)Current Ratings: AC 3x 1 (1.2) A, AC 3x5(6)A;

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