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Acrel AIL series insulation fault locator

high sensitivity transformer 

combined with high precision signal detecting circuit 

locate 4,6,8 loops

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  AIL150-4/AIL150-8 /AIL160-6 insulation fault locator adopts high sensitivity transformer combined with high precision signal detecting circuit, which detects the signal inject in the system from AIM-M300/SG and accurately locates the circuits which have insulation faults.AIL150-4 insulation fault locator can locate the insulation faults of 4 loops, AIL150-8 insulation fault locator can locate 8 loops, and AIL160-6 locate 6 loops.

Function features

AIL150-4/AIL150-8/AIL160-6 insulation fault locator 

The CAN bus technology is used to exchange data with other equipment. 

Cooperate with AIM-M300/SG to realize fault locating function, in which the AIL150-4 locates 4 channels , AIL150-8 locates 8 channels. And AIL160-6 locates 6 channels in all.

Technical Parameters





Note: AIL150-4 and AIL150-8 these two types take the same product shell, so their external dimensions are exactly the same.

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