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AHKC Series AC DC Current Clamp Sensor

● Rated Input: AC DC 0-40000A

● Rated Output: 5V/4V or 4-20mA

● Measuring Aperture: Dia.20mm, 32.5mm, 40mm, 55mm, 60mm, 20.5*10.5mm, 31*13mm, 43*13mm, 52*15mm, 52*32mm, 64*16mm, 82*32mm, 104*36mm, 132*52mm

● Power Supply: 12V/24V or +-15V

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It is insulative between the primary and secondary grade of AHKC series current sensor which can be used for measuring direct current, alternating current and pulse current.





    1. When the Hall sensor is used, attention must be paid to the coupling between the primary side coil and assistant side coil in order to get better dynamic characteristics and sensitivity, single conductor that should cram the thread hole of Hall sensor module completely is proposed to use. 

   2. When the Hall sensor is used, the best measuring accuracy can be got under rated input current value. When the measured current is much less than the rated value, the primary side can use multi-turns if want to obtain the best accuracy, that is IpNp=rated ampere-turns. In addition, the temperature of the primary side feeder line cannot be more than 80℃.

   3. When the Hall current sensor is working normally, the auxiliary power supply cannot be more than ±20% of calibration value.

   4. The Hall Current sensor is strictly prohibited to be fallen from high place (≥1m) during installation and use.

   5. Zero and full scale regulator potentiometer can not be adjusted.

   6. Auxiliary power supply is required to be deployed voluntarily.

   7. Power positive and negative poles cannot be inversely connected.

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