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Acrel ADL400 3 Phase Din Rail Power Energy Meter MID Electric Meter

● Rated Current: 1 (6) A, 10 (80) A

● Rated Voltage: AC220V/380V, AC230V/400V

● RS485(MODBUS-RTU) Communication

● 12 digits LCD Display; 35mm DIN Rail Installation

● 2~31st Harmonic Measurement

● kWh Class 0.5S

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ADL400 din rail energy meter adopts DIN35mm din rail installation with LCD display,it can measure electric parameters and has energy pulse output, RS485 communication,which has the advantages of small size, high precision, good reliability and convenient installation.

project performance parameter
Specification 3 phase 3 wires, 3 phase 4 wires
Measurement Voltage Reference voltage 3×100V、 3×380V、3×57.7/100V、 3×220/380V
Consumption <10VA(Single phase)
Impedance >2MΩ
Accuracy class Error±0.2%
Current Input current 3×1(6)A, 3×10(80)A
Consumption <1VA Single phase rated current
Accuracy class Error±0.2%
Power Active, reactive, apparent power, error±0.5℅
Frequency 45~65Hz,Error±0.2%
Metering Energy Active energy(Accuracy class: 0.5) reactive energy(Accuracy class 2)
Clock ≤0.5s/d
Digit signal Energy pulse output 1 active photocoupler output
pulse Width of pulse 80±20ms
Pulse constant 400imp/kWh,10000imp/kWh(Correspond with the basic current)
communication Interface and communication protocol RS485口:Modbus RTURS485:Modbus RTU
Range of communication address Modbus RTU:1~ 247;
Baud rate 1200bps~19200bps
environment working temperature -25℃~+55℃
Relative humidity ≤95℅(No condensation)


① Voltage Enter-wire
② Brand
③ Panel
④ Up Button
⑤ Down Button
⑥ Auxiliary function
⑦ Pulse Output
⑧ Model
⑨ Set Button
⑩ CT Enter-wire








projectperformance parameter
Specification3 phase 3 wires, 3 phase 4 wires
MeasurementVoltageReference voltage3×100V、 3×380V、3×57.7/100V、 3×220/380V
Consumption<10VA(Single phase)
Accuracy classError±0.2%
CurrentInput current3×1(6)A, 3×10(80)A
Consumption<1VA Single phase rated current
Accuracy classError±0.2%
PowerActive, reactive, apparent power, error±0.5℅
MeteringEnergyActive energy(Accuracy class: 0.5) reactive energy(Accuracy class 2)
Digit signalEnergy pulse output1 active photocoupler output
pulseWidth of pulse80±20ms
Pulse constant400imp/kWh,10000imp/kWh(Correspond with the basic current)
communicationInterface and communication protocolRS485口:Modbus RTURS485:Modbus RTU
Range of communication addressModbus RTU:1~ 247;
Baud rate1200bps~19200bps
environmentworking temperature-25℃~+55℃
Relative humidity≤95℅(No condensation)

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