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Acrel ADW350 AC DC Wireless Metering Meter

Application:AC DC energy base station,tower station

Small size

High precision

RS485 , NB, 4G communication

flexibly installed in the distribution box

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ADW350 Wireless Metering Meter is mainly used to metering three phase active energy on low voltage network. The product boasts of advantages including compact size, high precision, rich features. According to different requirements, there are many communications functions like RS485 communication, NB, 4G, adding the new current sampling mode using external transformer. It can be flexibly installed in the distribution box to achieve sub-item electric energy metering, operation and maintenance supervision or power monitoring requirements for different regions and different loads.

Naming Rules


Functional Characteristics

Display modeLED
Energy meteringActive kWh (positive and negative),quadrant reactive power energy
Electrical measurementU、I、 P、Q、S、PF、F
Harmonic functionTHDv、Harmonic on 2nd-31st
Pulse outputActive pulse output
Three-phase unbalance degreeVoltage unbalance,current unbalance
Temperature measurementTwo way temperature(Alternate configuration:T)
DI/DO3DO(Alternate configuration:K)
External current transformerExternal open type current transformer

(Alternate configuration:W)

Electrical parameterUndervoltage, undercurrent, overcurrent, underload, etc
CommunicationInfrared communication

RS485(Alternate configuration:C)

NB-IOT(Alternate configuration:NB)

4G(Alternate configuration:4G)

Technical parameter


Dimension (Unit: mm)


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