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AKH-0.66 EMS 50A/10mA DIN Rail Current Transformer

CT ratio 50A/10mA

Din rail install

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Emerson's special current transformer, with rail design, beautiful appearance, with miniature circuit breaker, easy wiring. The shell material is PC+ABS alloy, a 10mm² wire is used to lead out, the wire length is 110mm, the wire head dial is 16mm, the user can directly wire, the secondary terminal adopts an in-line terminal, and the secondary terminal has an anti-open circuit protection function, and the open circuit voltage is less than 7.8V, which is convenient for user wiring and maintenance. As an AC current signal acquisition element, it can be used with our AMC16 multi-loop monitoring instrument or other electrical measuring instruments.


Specifications and typesWHDTolerance(mm)
specificationRated current ratioAccuracy class and corresponding load rating (Ω)Pressure-resistantOpen-circuit voltageAmbient temperature °CInstallation
Level 0.2
EMS50A/10mA103kV≤7.8V-20℃~70℃din rail


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